We deeply realize the R&D is the foundation of the human endeavour --- to go forward and succeed! Hence it is a core for perpetuating business and the success thereof.
For this key reason we have invested vastly with much pain take in our R&D.

Our versatile R&D staffs specialize in different fields constantly pushing researching new materials, new models and new design structure.

In order to provide test result to customers within short period of time, OEMSPORT is the first company in the industry to utilize advanced equipment, superior instrument, and high-tech computer aided software, such as Pro-Engineer, ICEM, CDRS, master CAM; CATIA; as well the use of 3D scanning technologies / CMMs, laser scanners, structured light digitizers and computed tomography and other relating technical resources to do “regular & reverse engineering” at the same time!

A further point we realize is that the design is not only limited to the technical side. Hence we have put together a team of designers to help guide you through your steps of development.

In short we want to ensure that your product is the best competitor on the market.